About Chunan Senior High School

Her history

Our school was founded in 1952 as Miaoli Municipal Chunan Junior Middle School.  With an addition of the senior high


school section in the following year, it was renamed " Miaoli Municipal Chunan Senior High School."  In 1962, the senior section of 7 classes were affiliated to Taiwan Provincial Miaoli Senior High school, so it was then changed to "Chunan Section of Taiwan Provincial Miaoli Senior High School."  During this period, the school built up its sound foundation in physical education.  Great athletes like "Flying Antelope"--Zhn Ji, Lily Yao, Ah-mei Tian, Bee-yun Huang, and Zua-mei Zhuang studied here and graduated with flying colors.  In 1968, as the compulsory education extended to 9 years, it regained its independence and then was named "Taiwan Provincial Chunan Senior High School."  In 2000, because all the high schools in Taiwan were affliated to the Ministry of Education, it was renamed finally "National Chunan Senior High School."  It is currently located at No. 98, Chung Cheng Road, west of Chunan Junior High School, in Chunan of Miaoli County.




Her Facilities

The school is now situated in Chunan of Miaoli County, with 140 teachers and employees, and a total of 1, 767 students in


42 classes, including 36 general classes and 6 chemical engineering classes.  The school boasts her well-laid foundation on the previous and current principals, faculty and students.  Also, our teaching facilities are well established.  Every classroom is equipped with 2 TV sets, 1 OHP, and Internet access.  We take pride in our computer classrooms, language labs, library, science building, chemical engineering building, astronomical observatory, gymnasium, and art gallery.  Additionally, the school administration is computerized, with an establishment of WWW and BBS.  Finally, the school and its dorm are high-tech oriented.  Also the playground is paved with PU track for the modernization of PE education.  The whole school dorm, with 288 beds in 48 rooms, is fully air-conditioned and Internet accessible. 




Her Features and Performance

We lay emphasis on a well-rounded education and have earned itself many credits for excellent performance.  The ultimate goal we have been striving for is to establish a humane and moral school; so far, we have been highly praised and valued by the Ministry of Education. 


In promoting the implementation of "wholesome human education," we help students develop active and optimistic philosophy of life and values, build mature character, cultivate moral discipline, and acquire good learning habits.  They are expected to accomplish virtues of honesty, righteousness, kindness, responsibility, perseverance, cordiality, caring, industry,courtesy , frugality, readiness to help others and the ability to take actions. 


Our teachers work together to help students develop enthusiasm and perseverance in learning, with which they will be able to continue learning throughout their lives. With teachers' guidance and assistance, the students do well academically, leading to an increasingly progressive college admission ratio. The environment of the school is well-formulated and well-maintained by the faculty and students alike.  With the implementation of class contests and the completion of all the buildings in the near future, a clean, green and refreshing campus is promised. 


The school boosts and stimulates the morale of the working faculty with many awards and encouragement measures.  In 1997, the school was honorably recognized as an example for efficiently promoting humane management and quality education. 


We work hard to maintain our traditional status as a sports giant in Miaoli.  Great efforts are made to guarantee fine performance in all sports events.  On campus, ball games, track and field competitions, warm-up exercise take place all year round.  Off campus, we participate in county-wide, national, and even worldwide sports and competitions in track and field.  We have done so well that we are recommended as one of the best PE schools in Taiwan and we live up to the title-- the cradle of prominent athletes.


There are many extra-curriculum activities and student clubs.  Academic, sports, recreational, and social clubs are all available to students.  We hold annual competitions of all kinds, like science contests, language competitions in English, Chinese, or local languages.  We also have singing contests, calligraphy, art competitions, short skit contests, and so on!


The administration system is fully computerized.  Experts are devoted to the establishment and promotion of computer access and application.   Computer seminars are frequently held for teachers.  WWW and BBS are accessible to students and teachers.  In 1999, we were awarded as one of the best schools by the Bureau of Education.


The library is also computerized.  Class study groups are highly promoted.  By doing so, we hope to create a friendly and intriguing learning environment for students and faculty in their lives.  In 2001, we were highly praised for the sound organization of all the equipment and information in the library.  The public were very impressed with the excellent software we have self-developed and the generosity with which we share it with other institutions for free.


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